Yamapi dating abiru yuu

This has happened before with Shinhwa and HOT as well.

My aunt works at an entertainment company as big as SM, and she said SM executives must be pissed off b/c they are already losing this case just through the media.

Their stocks have gone down and the public image of the company worsened.

act=image&pid=837500"][img] Joong/thumb_705eef10bdbde95dcb80c41b_1.jpg[/img][/url]Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero Jae Joong's representative spoke up about rumours of love relationship between Jae Joong and Japanese actress Abiru Yuu.

It was said in Japanese weekly magazine ‘Female Seven' on 26th November, “Jae Joong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently.

But as someone in the field, he knows SM won't be just standing there.

They will do whatever it takes b/c at the moment, they have nothing to lose.

How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand.

And according to Avex Japan, Jae Joong has never met Abiru Yuu before.”source: [url=" LOL!

So just trust in them because they have stated their positions multiple times.

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