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This isn’t as big a task as you might image, as there are only really three such apps for Android that are active and have good reviews.

Each app has its good and bad things, but hopefully you can find one that works for you and your phone.

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All of them work with some kind of client program on your computer so you will need to download and install that before you can get it working.

This allows you to sort of trick your computer into thinking the device is a webcam which can be used in Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, and so on. IP Webcam works only on wi-fi so you need your phone to be connected that way to use this app.

Good luck trying to get your webcam set up, it isn’t easy but it’s not very hard either — you’ll be able to do it with a little patience!

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IP Webcam has a lot of features but was by far the largest space-eater on the phone and computer.

If it was easier to set up via USB I might suggest doing it that way as you would get a more stable connection.

I’m not very close to the Wi-fi router I use, so the video can be laggy and adding in audio doesn’t help.

The app I preferred was Smart Cam, but Droid Cam is pretty close and the paid version offers a lot of the same features.

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