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;) so I've also gotten some work done on the tattoo I had on my foot and also a new hair cut. I've been super horny lately and I need to cum so good. I hope I get to cam to cam with someone so we both can get off and cum for each other.

I hope you all like it well I shall be on all night so cum see me and make me cum for you all. That's one of my favorites is talking dirty and cumming at the same time. See you soon Visit Katlyn Lilly's Chat Room As far as I was concerned back then, BDSM, stood for Bloody Dumb, Sexually Messed-up and Vanilla was a flavour I cooked with and a smell I wore as a perfume.

I am super excited to be in all this week in the evenings.

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Ma'am seemed so impersonal, so deferential, so pandering to authority. Let's just say I am easily swayed: I found myself, an hour later, sitting on his face, grinding my hips against his mouth. I was very nervous because Mom never had anything good to say about it, in her attempt to deter me. I never in a million years thought it would feel that great. Every night for the next several months we would rendezvous at after my Mom went to work but before my step Dad came home.

I began to feel uncomfortable about it and one night I decided I had to approach the matter before it got any worse: I refused to get intimate with K, until he explained himself. But that turned out to be all part of the experiment... The boy and I attempted it once at his house but he couldn't get it in/find it.... I will always remember those experiences with him fondly.

After some nudging on my part K finally admitted to me that he had a 'thing' for dominating women (in fact, some months later he told me he visited professional dominatrixes regularly). Here was I, a feminist, a believer of equality in every realm, and a man wanted me to take all the control? So we're in my bedroom, and I'm about to 'pretend' to be dominant. K says to me to tell him what to do, whatever I want, he will do it. it was a little awkward struggle until his Dad came in on us and just sternly gestured me toward the door as if his thumb were saying "hit the door girl" Well... He did eventually break my heart demanding we just be a hook up but I was not cool enough to keep being his girlfriend now that I was in High School with him and his jock friends.

He was turned on by my assertiveness and boldness and by calling me Ma'am, he had hoped I might 'pick up' on his cues and take the control over him in bed. Firstly I had never thought of myself as particularly bold; I mean, people that know me would testify to my ability to be brutally honest and open, (even if it's uncalled for), but dominating? And I figure: what the fuck, may as well give it a try. Hmm, maybe there's something in this, I think, as I motion for him to remove all his clothes. Even still, I am glad my first experience having sex was with someone else who was also a virgin.

At first I thought it was his North American politeness and his attempt to be charming (it worked on me that's for sure). Please" Visit Kat Lillie's Chat Room I have been hesitating to "get real widdit" It is one thing to take my clothes off and meet the requests of you beautiful people but to open up and share details of my intimate life... I wont tell you exactly how old I was but I will say I was younger than I should have been and probably ahead of my peers but not by today's standards.

But later, after knowing him some years, it started to bug me a bit; I think I have a nice name; I like people to call me by it. K pleaded with me to have a little trial run - test out and explore something new with him - and that if I didn't like it, he'd eat my pussy all night as consolation. I crawled up over him, and whacked him hard with my right hand. I was scared it was going to hurt, at least a little.

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When we were trying to decide what movie to go and see, he'd say 'whatever you would like, Ma'am'. Trust me, I have stories lots and lots of sexy stories. how about I tell you about when I lost my virginity and we will go from there in the future.

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