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I don’t want to force people to more work manually and I ‘m happy when they are moving on as fast as possible. Let’s also suppose there is empty database project also added to solution.

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In this posting I will introduce you how to effectively use database projects so developers are working with up-to-date schema and test data all the time.

To make things easier I will always use standardized development environments.

If you made breaking changes that cannot be deployed to existing database with data then developers need to create their databases again.

Can you imagine how painful it is when new database is empty and you have to insert all data again to make even elementary things work again? I’m using often only one script and that’s usually enough for me.

If I don’t have good reason I don’t add roles and user accounts to schema project as sometimes their deployment is problematic.

Take a look at object definitions window – you can see diff between source and target there.

Writing database objects on Visual Studio, then deploying database to local machine just to test changes is non-sense.

Management Studio and other WYSIWYG database management tools are way more productive and usually databases are built using these tools.

To get changes made to database to schema project we create new database schema comparison.

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