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Up until the middle of the last century scientists only had the Relative Dating technique to date fossils by so there was no way they could calculate absolute age in years for any fossil or rock layer.When scientists began to learn about nuclear decay of radioactive elements they realized the rate of decay happens at a predictable rate.However, the problem with this method is that genetic material like DNA decays rapidly over time so we can’t date very old fossils with this method such as H. The MC technique is pretty useful for determining how long ago living species hared a common ancestor based on their DNA.

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And if my fossil remains were found above the landslide layer that would mean my fossil remains were YOUNGER than 1 myr.

But what would happen if all those layers got all mixed up by some natural catastrophe? And let’s say our future archaeologist found my fossil remains in the layer dated at 500 kya.

The Red Planet is believed to have once run with water and had an atmosphere, which together with warmth, could provide the right conditions for bacterial life."The significance for Mars is that 3,700 million years ago, Mars was probably still wet and probably still had oceans and so on, so if life develops so quickly on Earth to be able to form things like stromatolites — it might be more easy to detect signs of life on Mars," Nutman told "Instead of looking at just the chemical signature, we might be able to see things like stromatolites in images (from Mars) sent back to Earth."The earliest evidence of life on Earth ahead of the Greenland discovery was made in 2006 when Australian and Canadian researchers dated microfossils in rocks from Pilbara's Strelley Pool Chert formation at more than 3.4 billion years old.

Nutman, who has carried out research in remote Greenland where the stromatolites were discovered for more than three decades, said the site was known to be home to some of the world's oldest rocks."Importantly, they are locally well-enough preserved and they haven't been too deformed...

He would likely conclude that the landslide happened about 1 mya and since my fossil remains were found in that layer he would accurately date my fossil remains at 1 myr which would be correct.

However, if I died before the landslide then my fossil remains would be under that layer of landslide meaning my fossil remains would be OLDER that 1 myr.

The tiny structures — called stromatolites — were found along the edge of Greenland's ice cap, and were 220 million years older than the previous record holders.

They prove that life emerged fairly shortly — in geological terms — after the Earth was formed some 4.5 billion years ago, said lead researcher Allen Nutman of the University of Wollongong.

so you can still see some of the original features," he said.

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