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These eligibility requirements are simple: If you meet these requirements, don’t hesitate to get your membership started with The Single Parents Alliance of America so that you can begin to utilize all the wonderful Third Party Programs that come with being a member. I didn't expect to get a response and it really meant a lot that you did. Glad there are still good people in this world who actually care about humanity.

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We are honored to have you as a part of our inaugural class at Alliance MIT.

As the first Alliance school in the San Fernando Valley going into our third year of operation, we all have the unique opportunity to truly build our new and innovative school from the ground up.

On a daily basis the team's best efforts are applied to finding the most exclusive Third Party Programs that offer the most value to our members.

The Single Parents Alliance of America (SPAOA) is an organization that aims to empower Single Parents and their growing families to connect with other Single Parents in a completely refreshing & unique way socially.

Taking advantage this opportunity to claim your exclusive single parents Third Party Programs may be in your best interest in regards to improving the quality of this time in your family’s lives.

The SPAOA Team is dedicated to bringing fresh new Third Party Programs available to you and your family and real protection opportunities every day.Please keep an eye out for the packet sent home with your child tomorrow.Funds collected will go towards student field trips and activities.On August 2,1914, Germany and Turkey signed the following secret treaty, meant to go into effect in the event of war between Germany and Russia.Russia declared war on Turkey on November 3, 1914, and on November 5, 1914, Great Britain and France also declared against Turkey. The two contracting parties agree to observe strict neutrality in regard to the present conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. In case Russia should intervene with active military measures, and should thus bring about a casus foederis for Germany with relation to Austria-Hungary, this casus foederis would also come into existence for Turkey. In case of war, Germany will leave her military mission at the disposal of Turkey.Also, a great opportunity to directly ask our principal any specific questions you may have during our Parent / Principal Q & A portion of the meeting. *If you do not get the opportunity to attend, we will have our make-up meeting with our AP and Dean on Tuesday, November 7th at 5pm. Tickets are and include entrance to the dance, unlimited times through the haunted house, and free dress for the day.

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