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Fidelity and Casualty, New York City „ 313 Metropolitan Plate Glass, New York City, 316 STATISTICAL. Table 1, 402 Table 2, 406 Table 3, 410 Table 4, 414 Table 5, 418 Table 6, 422 Table 7, 426 Table 8 430 Table 9, 434 Table 10, 438 Table 11, 442 MISCELLANEOUS.

British America, Toronto, Canada, 321 Commercial Union, London, England 324 Compagnie de Reassurance Generales, Paris, France 327 Fire Insurance Association, London, England, 330 Guardian, London, England, 333 Hamburg-Bremen, Hamburg, Germany, : 335 Hamburg-Magdeburg, Hamburg, Germany, 338 Imperial, London, England, 340 La Confiance, Paris, France, 343 Lancashire, Manchester, England, 345 Lion Fire, London, England, 348 Liverpool and London and Globe, Liverpool, England 351 London Assurance, London, England, 354 London and Lancashire, Liverpool, England, 356 Metropole, Paris, France, 359 North British and Mercantile, London, England 362 Northern Assurance, London, England 365 North German, Hamburg, Germany, 368 Norwich Union Society, Norwich, England, 370 Phoenii Assurance, London, England, 373 Queen, Liverpool, England, 376 Royal, Liverpool, England, 379 Scottish Union and National, Edinbugh, Scotland, 382 Standard Fire Office, London, England, 385 Transatlantic, Hamburg, Germany, ' 387 Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada, 390 INDEX. Tobacco-Growers' Mutual Hail, North Canaan, 80 CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANIES OF OTHER STATES.

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Danbury, Danbury, Farmers, Surfield Farmers, Woodbury, Farmingon Valley, Farmington, Greenwich, Greenwich, Hartford County, Hartford Harwinton, Harwinton, Litchfield, Litchfield, Madison, Madison, 59 62 m 64 66 68 69 71 Middlesex, Middletown, 72 New London County, Norwich, . 75 Norwich, Norwich, 77 Rockville, Rockville, 78 State, Hartford 79 Tolland County, Tolland, . 84 STOCK FIRE AND FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANIES OF OTHER STATES.

113 I Citizens, New York City, 116 , Commerce, Albany, N.

, 257 Shoe and Leather, Boston, Mass., 260 Springfield, Springfield, Muss.,. To the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut : — The Insurance Commissioner herewith has the honor to submit Part First of the Seventeenth Annual Report of his Department, for 1881, the same relating to Fire, Fire and Marine, Steam-Boiler, and Casualty Insurance Companies of this State, and also those of other States and Countries which are authorized to transact business in this State.


i^ft ' pplli'- ff the university of Connecticut libraries ■ I PUBLIC DOCUMENTS ■A3* OF THE Legislatuke of Connecticut, AT THE JANTJAKY SESSION, 1882.

Report of the Committee for Grading the Capitol Grounds.

of Penn., Phila., Penn., 189 Irving, New York City, 193 Jersey City, Jersey City, N.

1 213 National, New York City, 216 Newark Fire, Newark, N.

Report of the Comptroller on Criminal Business of the Courts.

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