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He paired the coat with a white graphic t-shirt and black skinny trousers with a pair of black Nikes. My mom and I used to go tanning at the beach topless.So I don’t really look at it as a sexual thing.''Sky Ferreira is disappointed to announce that on doctor's orders she is forced to cancel the remaining dates she had confirmed supporting Vampire Weekend.That’s the worst part of it for me is that I really fucked her over.” Smith admitted that he had an arrest warrant out for driving without a licence, and that the drugs in the vehicle belonged to him.

“Bailey would be sitting right there and be like, ‘You know, I have the tools. It’s not like I could wake up one morning and be like, ‘Okay, today I’m gonna not do drugs.’ I had to spend basically a month in a hospital drooling before I could even think about re-entering the real world.

I know what you need and I can help you do it.’ But sometimes it’s just too much when it’s a friend.” For the first time, Cole also discussed the end of his relationship with alt-pop star Sky Ferreira, who was present during the couple’s 2013 arrest for drug possession in Saugerties, New York. And then still have a six-month period of transition, and then I’m just where I am now.

Like all of his hobbies, he takes these pursuits seriously, studying the theory behind the game and how to optimize his deck.

It’s paid off: He won the first tournament he entered in Los Angeles, the city of his sober living facility.

But ultimately I was a liar, because I had this fucking drug problem.” On a more upbeat note, Cole says listening and practicing while in rehab changed him as a musician.

He’s more confident about participating in impromptu jams, he’s got a new catalog of cover songs—Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, (Sandy) Alex G—he’s performing at DIIV acoustic shows, and he’s started writing for a new album.Ferreira lost several modelling contracts as a result of the arrest.Given that Ferreira self-financed the release of with the money from her lucrative contracts – which have included campaigns with Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein's ck One and Benetton – you might expect her to hold that against Smith.Because everybody saw me at the time as being the person who—they’d say, ‘You’re gonna treat this girl the way that she deserves to be treated.’ I tried my best.I wanted to be a great guy and I wanted to be nice and I wanted to be everything.Since checking into inpatient rehab three months ago, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith has turned to what made him happy before he started his band — and, as he called it, “all the wreckage and chaos” that subsequently surrounded it.

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