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There’s just an intense chemistry there and we just fed off of one another’s energy. And again it all depended on what day it was and what was happening on set. She isn’t looking for clean and proper, as she remains crazy and wild. BMD: But there’s also a distinct darkness to the picture. When not lamenting the Disneyfication of our current culture, he's usually enjoying a whiskey, watching some form of disreputable trash cinema, or drunkenly perusing one of the few remaining video stores.

It was definitely weird to have to keep switching from hating to loving him… I love the woman in my life but she also drives me fucking nuts from time to time, and vice versa. Whatever mood we were in dictated what dominated the scene. BMD: Could we call it a reinvention of the white picket fence? Because she found a family, and while they may not be what we all idealize as an “American family”, they are hope for Star.

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It’s hard to even think of American Honey as a “movie” sometimes, because it was so real to us.

But there’s enough of an escapism factor to it..get caught up in each moment and what each song feels like in that moment – our emotional soundtrack. Right after I saw the movie I immediately tracked down a Spotify playlist someone had made compiling all the songs and just cranked it in my truck. BMD: The movie takes its name from a pop country song! There’s so much beauty in even the saddest, darkest moments of your life.

Watch the video, courtesy of X17online.com, to see him curse out the cameras as he gets out of a car and walks into a house.

Fox filed for divorce from husband Brian Austin Green this week citing “irreconcilable differences.” Sources tell People magazine, "Megan and Brian's split is a classic Hollywood story of two people in different stages of life and career." The insider added, "She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband's expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities.

SL: It’s so crazy that she just came to me in the middle of Spring Break – right up on the beach in the middle of Panama City.

I connected with other aspects of her – she’s free spirited, impulsive, naïve, cares a lot about her family. With Andrea, we didn’t always know the reasoning behind each day’s events, but she trusted us to create reasoning behind our own characters’ actions.

But that’s life – so many different emotions come out in so many different ways and that may be why so much of our performances may not feel directed. BMD: Tell me about these kids you were stuck in this van with. All of us were chosen the same way I was – for a reason that maybe we didn’t entirely understand, but we trusted Andrea was stitching something really wonderful together.

We were all looking for something and there’s a light in every one of us, but it was dimmed in a certain way.

SL: It was definitely planned, but Andrea wanted to incorporate music that she heard while she was recruiting us all.

Remember, she found us during Spring Break, so these were all the songs we were listening to and partying to on a regular basis. See – I play music in my head every day; it’s like my theme music… SL: And that’s what it is – these characters’ different theme songs brought to life.

Lane, and the talented young performer walked us through just how much of American Honey was happening “in the moment” and what it was like to act opposite La Beouf… Also, I can’t say that I built Star because I knew a little bit about her characteristics – hard family background, looks after her sisters, goes on this road trip, meets these kids, falls in love – but those were just building blocks.

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