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Robertson has blended Indian rhythms and Native singers like Joanne Shenandoah and Rita Coolidge with his own guitar and vocals, and the studio treatments and grooves of such producers as Marius De Vries and Howie B.The results are diversely astounding, some of the best work he's done since The Band.

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To a generation of baby boomers, 1960s and 1970s rock and roll music will always stand as the soundtrack of our lives.

In our memories, the great songwriters, singers and performers will always be as young and dashing and heroic as they were when we first encountered them.

He always seemed to know what he was doing and looked at the big picture, whether in songwriting, recording or performing. It couldn’t have been easy to be the bandleader on stage during the wild 1965-66 initial Dylan electric concerts (when the folk-music hero’s “fans” booed the new sound violently) as well as at Woodstock, the Isle of Wight, Watkins Glen, the Dylan/Band Tour ’74 and The Last Waltz concert.

Think about it — some of the biggest festivals and most scrutinized shows in rock and roll history!

It all adds up to a rare opportunity, as Robertson puts it in the track "Rattlebone", to go "off the map, out past the power-lines, up that little side-road without a sign", and find how close to home it all seems.

Pictured on one of four non-denominated Canadian commemorative postage stamps honoring Canadian recording artists, issued 30 June 2011. Others honored in this issue were Bruce Cockburn, Kate Mc Garrigle & Anna Mc Garrigle (on a single stamp), and Ginette Reno.

There is a shot in The Last Waltz which tells it all: Robertson is caught anxiously peering over to make sure his Band-mate Garth Hudson had appeared at the front of the stage to play his sax solo on It Makes No Difference.

The look on Robertson’s face for a fleeting second reveals pure tension and it shows a discerning viewer how much he had invested of himself in the concert.

Bob Dylan, whether he or his fans want to acknowledge it, owes Robertson a tremendous debt.

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