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HOLLYWOOD FREEWAY - SUNSET - AERIAL Friday night traffic as usual.

Things appear to be backed up all the way to the valley.

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VOICE You almost sound like that guy from THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT CARRIE.

VOICE Now let's see you act your way out of this one.

BEN (into cell) God dammit Cathy I have no time for this crap!

I'm supposed to be at the premiere of STAB 2 right Now, arm and arm with my girlfriend cause she's got a bit part in that over advertised piece of shit and I'm just going to humor her.

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And I feel like an ass standing in this theater lobby all by myself. It could be a little while so I don't want you to start freaking if I don't get there at exactly, (checks watch) Eight thirty. S.) All I'm saying is I'm gonna be royally p.o.'d if you don't catch my acting debut.

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