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Not enough words to express my gratitude & admiration for @Hillary Clinton. Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears have welcomed the couple’s second child, a baby girl, BBC News reports.

According to the outlet, the newborn arrived “a couple of weeks ago.” The 30-year-old tennis star’s grandmother, Shirley Erskine, told BBC News that she was “delighted” to hear the news, and Sears, 29, is […] Following her August split from Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi is spending time with Montreal Canadiens hockey player Brendan Gallagher.

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But the row that night on the yacht, he maintained, was not about infidelity, real or imagined, but because Walken had been encouraging Natalie to do more films, while Wagner wanted her to spend more time looking after their three children (one each from their other marriages, one between them).

He said he had last seen her when he put his head round their cabin door and she was getting ready for bed.

I think it was a matter of: 'We’re not going to look too hard. She was wearing a flannel nightgown, red down jacket and blue woollen socks.

Meanwhile, caught up in seaweed in a cove not far away was the missing dinghy, its oars in place and the key in the ignition in the ‘off’ position, suggesting she had never made it into the boat or, if she had, had quickly fallen out. It seemed not unreasonable to conclude that, while on the yacht, Natalie — who had drunk at least eight glasses of wine that night as well as swallowing barbiturate tablets she had shared with Wagner and Walken — had untied the dinghy and tried to get in, but slipped and fell into the water. For a start, the nine-year, second-time-around Wagner-Wood marriage was known in Hollywood to be tempestuous.

“Everyone is proud of her.” Mueller, who shares 8-year-old twins Bob and […] 40 and fabulous!

Liv Tyler is new face of the Triumph Essence collection for their Essence collection.

The middle-aged Hollywood actor’s eyes flashed with anger as, on the deck of his private yacht, he confronted his younger and professionally more successful rival, a guest on his boat for the Thanksgiving weekend.

The imposing, poker-faced Christopher Walken, 13 years Wagner’s junior and an Oscar winner for his role in The Deerhunter, turned and went off to his cabin, leaving the incandescent Wagner to follow the object of their argument - the delectable, doe-eyed and, by then, pretty drunk and drugged-up Natalie Wood — to their stateroom.‘We didn’t take any steps to see if we could locate her. Her body was found hours later, floating in an upright position, her eyes fixed and open, her spectacular, long, dark hair trailing along the surface of the water.

From the moment Natalie’s body was found floating in the water, RJ [Wagner] has never given me a straight answer.

And now Davern, the Splendour’s skipper, has emerged to confirm that he heard Wagner and his wife going at each other hammer and tongs.

But there were some who were not convinced by this explanation. Was this really the accident it was presumed to be? There was gossip too, which Wagner must have heard, that Natalie was having an on-set affair with Walken, her co-star on a sci-fi film called Brainstorm, which was released after her death.

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