Who is george sampson dating

“We flipped a few walls and free ran our way to his direction, 5 minutes of chasing him and we had him under citizen’s arrest waiting for the police to arrive. ” Afterwards, Ms Mason posted a photo of the talent show champ on the social media site, telling friends: “No one will probably believe me but this boy/man came to our aid today and helped us out of the kindness of his own heart George Sampson. Takes guts to put yourself in harm’s way to help a complete stranger!!!

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Warrington-born George is set to feature in four episodes of the Yorkshire Dales-set series in February."I’m really excited to play a guest part in Emmerdale.

The cast and crew have been really friendly and the village is a spectacular place to be.

It’s such an iconic show and it’s brilliant to be able to be a part of it," George said.

He first came to attention at the tender age of 14, when his slick dance moves impressed the judges.

On the night of his sixteenth birthday, Joe Casey commits a petty crime in a bid to impress the girl of his dreams.

When the police arrive he faces a life changing decision; does he stay and own up like an honest man, or make his escape and go on the run?

The street dancer wrote on Facebook: “So I was training free running at the imax in London earlier and along south bank with my friend Harry when a woman started to scream, telling everyone that two gentlemen had stolen her money in a street scam and ran away.

“We saw a police officer chasing one man and the other man ran in the opposite direction.

Joe’s world splits in two and in a “sliding doors” moment two very different paths unfold before him.

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