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[tags: Sex Crimes, American Legal System, Social Issues] - Sex is every where these days.Whether it’s a sexual act, phrase, or action, sex has consumed most of our society.

While sexual offenders comprise a sizable portion of U. prison inmates, they evoke an even greater portion of public concern, (Boccaccini, Murrie, Caperton, & Hawes, 2009).

Most sex offenders are released back into society after serving as little as one- fourth of their prison sentence....

However, by measuring the individual risk factors and matching it with supervision that is best suitable for them and treatment strategies can help reduce an offender risk from reoffending.

In Nathan’s situation, he is a 39-year-old Caucasian male, is under intensive supervision since he is a pedophile.

First it is important to explain the difference between surgical and chemical castration.

Surgical castration is the removal of a man’s testicles, for the purpose of removing his reproductive abilities and to control the levels of testosterone being produced....Electronic monitoring has allowed for community corrections officials to monitor sex offenders in the community with personalized supervision plans.Near-real time monitoring of high risk offenders has been made available with active GPS while lower risk offenders are supervised with passive GPS....He was involved with two previous relationships in which one of the women was his wife....[tags: treatment strategies, prison, community] - Introduction When a dog viciously attacks a small child and scars the child for life, dog is euthanized because of the trauma it causes.Franks’ good behavior allowed him to be set on parole for a 1991 child molestation charge- a release that proved catastrophic to an innocent little girl and her family.

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