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People say that real friends are there when things go wrong for you, but I think the opposite is true.

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Working with friends isn't always so easy and enjoyable.

Then the film turned out to be a success so we travelled together taking it round the world. It is still one of the most memorable experiences of my life and to be able to have shared it with my best friend is a great thing.

I loved the breaks between filming – our characters were so silly that we just stayed in character and joked around.

Acting is about communicating, reacting and sharing – and friendship is about all of those things too.

Diego and I greeted each other and started to play and then – being little boys – fight.

Since then we've have spent most of our lives hanging out together. Diego has always had this beautiful energy about him.We didn't see each other while I was studying at drama school in London, but when I returned to Mexico and we did Y Tu Mama Tambien together we really renewed our friendship.We were young, so we were discovering the language of acting and it was the most fascinating time for us.So when the actor you are working with also happens to be your best friend you get much more out of it and the experience and result is richer.We can be honest and talk to each other in a way it would be very hard to do to an actor you didn't know well.We tease each other because we know exactly what each others' weakness are and how far we can push it – but I'm a good friend so I won't tell you what my weapons are against him.

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