Who is frank iero dating

Megan takes on a new client that doesn't speak English but she has the attractive recent new employee assist her.

Who is frank iero dating

After a hectic few weeks, Ami heads to South Beach to spend some much-needed time with his daughter and hangs with the gang from Love/Hate.

The crew back at Wooster Street goofs around while Ami is on vacation.

After realizing her true feelings for a close friend, Megan wonders if pursuing it is worth jeopardizing their friendship. Missing his native California, Tim drags Ami out to the beach to go surfing.

Jessica shows Tommy some of the tattoos she's been inking on the side, but not everyone is happy about it.

Social Club (now called Love Hate Social Club, located on 127 Lafayette Street. James was joined again by producers David Roma and Charlie Corwin to detail the proceedings in the shop on NY Ink. So I've hand-picked the finest tattoo artists around.

The series intro is narrated by James: I'm Ami James and I'm a tattoo artist. Because I don't want the best tattoo shop in New York, I want the best shop in the world.Ami is faced with a difficult decision when he learns what Jessica has been doing behind his back.Megan plans to move into her own apartment, but her new boyfriend Joey might derail her plans. Upset with Chris trash talking the business to anyone and everyone, Ami confronts him.Ami's struggles have paid off and the Wooster Street Social Club is the hottest tattoo shop in NYC. Ami needs to keep it all together and tries to find the time to balance work and family life.Risque photos of Megan spread around the office, causing a stir among employees.There's millions of stories in New York City, and our job is to tell them all... In the first episode, former Miami Ink tattoo artist Ami James returns to New York to fulfill his dream of opening his own tattoo shop in New York City along with some of the best tattoo artists he knows joining his team.

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