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It was only when he arrived at the zoo that he realised he did not know how to handle or anaesthetise the wild and potentially dangerous animal, and that none of the staff even expected him to do so.

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If Oscar could not perform, she explained tearfully, “it would mean back to my Florence Nightingale routine — and at half the salary”.

It turned out that the animal had merely failed to shed the “third eye” that snakes usually slough off when shedding their skin.

Taylor worked with some of the world’s most famous zoos.

From 1968 he was the vet in charge of Cuddles, the first killer whale to come to Britain — at Flamingo Park, North Yorkshire.

In 2007 Taylor was called in by a Hindu temple in Wales to visit Shambo, the sacred bull who found himself under a death sentence after a routine skin test for bovine tuberculosis had tested positive.

Slaughtering Shambo, Taylor declared, would be “scandalous”, as the risk of his infecting the public or other animals was “less than zero”.Then, in 1969, he went into partnership with Andrew Greenwood, and in 1976 they set up the International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG), teaming up with Martin Dinnes of the Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Center in Santa Clarita, California.The IZVG is now one of the largest independent zoological veterinary practices in the world.After qualifying in 1956, he took a partnership at a practice in Rochdale, where he honed his skills on dogs involved in road accidents, sows in difficulty giving birth and sheep struck down by mysterious epidemics.One of the practice’s clients was Belle Vue Zoological Gardens in Manchester, and one day, during the absence of the senior partner who usually dealt with the zoo, Taylor grabbed the opportunity to respond to a call-out to treat a chimpanzee which had lost a thumb during a fight over food.Taylor determined to change things for the better, and from the late 1950s, when pharmaceutical companies began producing new, powerful and highly concentrated anaesthetics which could be injected by flying dart, he became the first to use a dart gun to anaesthetise large zoo animals.

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