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And she switched to tennis shoes instead of heels for this dance. What the judges said: Even Carrie Ann and Bruno had to agree that Victoria fell out of step next to Laurie and Val.The trio isn't sharp until everyone's sharp, and they didn't quite get there tonight.

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The audience loved the routine so much they wouldn't cheering. She's the best pro to have as your partner in my opinion. Every week I wonder if Jordan Fisher is really as good as I think he is, and then every week he does something like .

The judges did notice Frankie's nerves this time around, but they also thought all three people in this trio complemented each other perfectly. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold & Corbin Bleu - Salsa - "Que Viva La Vida" by Wisin The dance: Wow. The lifts and the tempo and the footwork were so fantastic, it's hard to believe any of these three kids weren't born dancing the salsa.

Lindsey definitely got her groove back in this routine with fast feet and a few awesome lifts. What the judges said: "It was like I paid money to see that!

" Carrie Ann said, and that practically makes Lindsey a pro now, right?

Ed Sheeran probably did a lot of the work, making this a super romantic number, but Frankie and his awesome lines didn't hurt. Unfortunately, this was another case where a more talented alum was paired with a less than fantastic newbie, and Victoria looked pretty stiff next to Laurie's awesome shaking and jiving.

Seriously, there's almost nothing this guy can't do. What the judges said: Carrie Ann called it the closest thing to perfection except for when Frankie briefly lost control of Witney (which led to some sort of inappropriate comments from Tom), but Len thought it was as far from perfection as you can get. I'd blame it on Victoria's spasms though because did you guys see that back brace?

What the judges said: For once, Len was actually all about the different dance styles besides Charleston incorporated into this routine. All the judges also agreed that Terrell is the most improved star on the show this year, which means something. I also bet his fiancee is excited to have him learning how to waltz right before they walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately, Drew's missteps continued this week, and a few less-than-graceful mistakes meant a much lower score than he earned last week.

Carrie Ann thought she brought out her inner-Beyonce, which is probably the greatest note to ever get. Everyone else has sort of muscled their way through it, and he's floated. Trio Dances Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke & Kelly Monaco - Rumba - "Slow Hands" by Niall Horan The dance: I'm not sure I'm totally down with Kelly promising Terrell a date if they got three 10s, especially considering the sexual nature of their trio dance, but if everything's consensual then more power to 'em. What the judges said: Carrie Ann (and every female audience member) was loving the sex appeal, but she thought he was capable of more than what he did on stage. Keeping up with Rashad is hard for any dancer (hello, reigning champ), but for a dancer who's got little to no rhythm to begin with? Drew lost the beat a couple times, but I did noticed his body rolls were way more soulful than normal.

Score: 26/30Lindsey blamed the "awkward white girl" in her, which is kind of fair, to be honest. Even the loud blue suit couldn't detract from his stellar performance. Speaking of that dance, Terrell cashed in on those stellar abs of his, and he even showed off some sexy hip action too. What the judges said: The judges noticed that he didn't quite make muster on the "soul" aspect, especially when put next to Rashad, whose hips absolutely don't lie.

Maybe Mark took it easy this week in order to keep her in good health.

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