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Also on the reunion Frankel talked about ex-husband Jason Hoppy.The star described her protracted divorce as 'torture.' 'It's been a very negative, inexplicable situation,' cried the star.'It's been million dollars in legal fees, I have to work really f***ing hard to make that,' she sniffed.'You can't even imagine the torment,' she sobbed, saying that the only way she could be 'free' is to have 'zero contact' with Jason.But when Dennis' marriage came to an end he called up the reality TV star and they began dating in 2016. And I think that thinking the possibility of losing me really scared him straight, to be honest.'She feels the break was good.

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and now she's saying she might have to put her down. READ MORE Bethenny Frankel's ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, will cop a plea Monday in his stalking/aggravated harassment case, but Bethenny is still scared ... READ MORE Bethenny Frankel clearly hasn't skipped out on any gym days recently ... The "Real Housewives" star hit South Beach Saturday in nothing but a bikini, shades…

READ MORE Bethenny Frankel's Valentine's Day ended with something long and hard.

Bethenny Frankel was born on November 4, 1970 in New York City, New York, USA.

She is known for her work on Bethenny (2012), Bethenny Ever After (2010) and The Real Housewives of New York City (2008).

'I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last year/year and a half.

I’ve been working on myself more, I’ve been in therapy. Especially since my situation, I do not allow people in.' The Real Housewives of New York City beauty was also romantically-linked to another New York City businessman, Russ Theriot, for some time in June.

Carole discussed her relationship with her toy boy Adam - which had taken a 'step down'.'I'm focusing on the parts of my life which are very me-centric,' she said, noting that he might be seeing other people.'I don't ask,' said the author and former journalist.

Bethenny admitted to doing the 'walk of shame' right in front of Donald Trump one morning.'Looking like a complete hooker,' she joked.

prompting NYPD to bust him for harassing and stalking her. READ MORE Bethenny Frankel got screwed in her divorce -- once by her ex-husband and once by her own lawyers -- so she claims in a new lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, back in 2011, Bethenny bought a…

“I think people always ask me about my love, or lack of love, life,” Frankel told ET. It’s time to put the Bethenny burners back on.” Prior to Shields, Frankel — who finalized her messy divorce from Hoppy in July 2016 — romanced financier Michael “Mac” Cerussi II.

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