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The rapper has a feeling Tommie is using him in part to get back at Karlie.

However, Joc believes he and Karlie are not an exclusive couple so dating Tommie shouldn’t be an issue.

Bambi says that Scrappy has not been living up to his role as a fiancé and that she is beginning to have doubts about their future.

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It appears that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy has officially moved on. For the past few years, Scrappy and his reality TV baby-mama, Erica Dixon, have been on and off–engaged, broken-up, shacking up and all the above. In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Scrappy revealed that Bambi (who made her first reality TV appearance on Basketball Wives LA, as Malaysia Pargo’s BFF) came to visit him a few times during his 30-day rehab stint for marijuana addiction in June.

This week, Mara the Socialite shared some Instagram photos of both Bambi and Scrappy passive aggressively cup cakin’ for folk to see.

During the meeting, Karlie gets to have a glimpse of the child in question, who she says looks a little bit like Kirk.

When Karlie says that she wants to take a picture of the baby, Jasmine is suspicious of Karlie’s intentions, but obliges her request.

“no you’re weak for coming on my page with the nonsense. ” Well Bambi clearly caught wind of what was happening because she not only uploaded a photo of herself with similar hair, but threw a little bit of subliminal shade Dixon’s way. We have closures and frontals on the site in case you don’t have time for blending.” Dixon has since removed her photo from Instagram.

Blend your numbers first then get at me about some products.

I guess we’ll see even more of Bambi on season three of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as she begins a new relationship with Scrappy right?

just started rolling but Erica Dixon and Bambi still seem to be feuding!

And last night, the couple made their first debut in public, partying at ATL’s Opera’s Night Club.

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