Who is ariel lin dating

Ariel is currently in the final stages of interviewing for a theater post-grad program in England, and if accepted she’s taking a year sabbatical from acting to live in England and enroll in the arts program there.

Yup, Ariel has been through alot, she definitely deserves her happiness Edited by LTabi♥, 27 August 2010 - AM. but i hope the media would let ariel have a private relationship.i hope they stay long together.

She just said that he's a big help to her career, so... But whoever he is, props to him for making Ariel happy! She's definitely a fantastic girl and should be treasured. Not many people are willing to do that, especially Chinese, because most think that a person should have a complete body on death. Besides shattering the dreams of her male admirers the world over, during the press conference, Lin also proudly showed off her organ donor card which she received in March last year."This way of passing on your love for others is often more meaningful than just [donating] money," said Lin of her choice to pledge her organs.

Lin also starred in her first film Love Me, If You Can (2004), which earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the 40th Golden Horse Awards.

She gained more popularity after starring in the idol drama series My Secret Garden II and Love Contract opposite Mike He.

She also sang the theme song for Love Contract, titled "Alone in the northern hemisphere", which topped the KTV and ring tone charts for 12 weeks.

Lin rose to mainstream popularity for her role as Yuan Xiangqin in the popular Taiwanese idol drama It Started with a Kiss (2005).

When asked what she liked about this new boyfriend, Ariel again borrowed a line of dialogue from ITWY and said there was too much to list and he was just so sincere and down-to-earth.

To maintain his privacy, Ariel didn’t divulge his name but revealed he was around her age, a normal guy working a white collar job, and her parents have met him and like him.

She doesn’t mind the long distance dating since she doesn’t like to keep tabs on her significant other’s life anyways.

When asked about marriage prospects, Ariel demurred but conceded that her life, career and family, is based in Taiwan.

I honestly can't say I will be able to do such..is really amazing!

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