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F: Josie Fabia, Kirby Fabon, Sarah Fagan, Amanda Farley, Laurie Farquhar, Belinda Farr, Gillian Farr, Hayley Farrant, Beverley Farrell, Lauren Farrell, Linda Farrell, Sophie Farrell, Wendy Fear, Laura Feare, Emily Feeley, Bryony Feeley, Iveta Feilhauerova, Kim Fellows, Valerie Fellows, Julie Feltham, Rebecca Felton, Andrea Fenton, Kamara Fenwick, Amber Fenwick, Ellie Fenwick, Jean Fewings, Emma Fewings, Amanda Fiander, Nadine Fidler, Bekkie Fieldhouse, Sarah Finch, Sue Fiore, Julie-Ann Fisher, Keah Fisher, Laura Fisher, Charlene Fisher, Hazel Fisher, Vicky Fisher, Sheridan Fisher, Christina Fishwick, Ffion Fishwick, Heidi Fitchett, Kristina Fjodorova, Caroline Flaherty, Tegan Flaherty, Tara Flanagan, Carol Flannigan, Lauren Flannigan, Rhoda Flannigan, Nikki Flay, Sam Fletcher, Mandy Fletcher, Gemma Fletcher, Sarah Flippance, Margaret Flood, Caroline Florence, Linda Foote, Heather Ford, Linda Ford, Gina Ford, Alice Forshaw, Katie Forshaw, Katherine Fortes, Hannah Forty, Janet Foster, Ruth Foulis, Laurence Fourticq, Liz Fowler, Christine Foxwell, Sarah Foyster, Hayley Foyster, Alison Francis, Jodie Francis, Sabrina Franklin, Rachael Franklin, Angela Freegard, Jayne Freegard, Jacqueline Freegard, Holly French, Karen French, Karen French, Pauline Frith, Emma Froadgridge, Shelley Frost, Toni Fruci, Lisa Fry, Tracy Fry, Emily Fulgoni, Shirley Fullam.

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Those who wish to avoid the ministry of women will still be able legally to do so.

We hope and pray that all will feel able to work together in the future with the trust and respect that should characterise our church.

K: Nadina Kaiser, Codey Kaiser, Katarzyna Kalinowska, Paula Kane, Eveline Karlsson, Maria Kavanagh, Debbie Kay, Hayley Kay, Frankie Kay, Gemma Keating, Katherine Keeling, Melissa Keen, Maia Keen, Jodie Keen, Lisa Ann Kellett, Shannon Kellett, Fiona Kellow, Sarah Kelly, Aimee Kelly, Pauline Kelly, Liz Kelly, Ellie Kember, Marnie Kemp, Theresa Kennedy, C Kennedy, Phoebe Kennedy, Lily Kennedy, Alex Kennedy, Karen Kennedy, Suzanne Kent, Leanne Kent, Sarah Kenworthy, Jane Kerslake, Melanie Kervin, Claire Kestell, Nikita Kestell, Tiffany Ketcher, Katy Kettle, Julia Key, Louise Kimber, Katie Kimber, Maralyn Kimber, Michala King, Karen King, Kimberley King, Leanne King, Karen King, Carol King, Natalie King, Melissa King, Sarah King, Bernadette King, Sally Kingett, Emma Kingsland, Claire Kingstree, Georgina Kinneir, Jessica Kinneir, Lisa Kinsey, Lauren Kirk, Lisa Kirton, Lisa Kitchin, Louise Knapper, Teresa Knight, Nicky Knight, Natalie Knott, Caral Knowles, Tameka Knowles, Tiina Korhonen, Ella Koza, Fiona Krzywiec, Trudi Krzywiec, Lisa Kuchta, Jasmine Kutassy.

L: Carol Lacey, Alexandra Lacey, Lucy Laidlaw, Martine Lamb, Hannah Lambert, Emma Lambkin, Jackie Lambourne, Julie Lammin, Marilyn Lamude, Michelle Lamude, Kathryn Lancaster, Emily Lancaster, Elizabeth Lane, Gloria Lane, Rebecca Lang, Julie Langdon, Amy-Rose Langdown, Jenna Langey, Emma Langford, Libby Langford, Jessica Langley, Victoria Lara, Julie Lavery, Jennifer Law, Sam Law, Lisa Lawlor, Sally Lawrence, Heather Lawrie, Sandra Lawson-Blake, Lorraine Lazarus, Melanie Le Corunu, Jade Leach, Susannah Learoyd-Smith, Abbie Learoyd-Smith, Rachel Ledger, Alexis Lee, Chloe Lee, Michelle Lees, Emma Legg, Rachel Legge, Karen Leggett, Florence Lenehan, Monika Lenik, Julie Lester, Amy Lester, Georgia Lester, Harriet Letheren, Steph Letton-King, Julia Lewis, Georgia Lewis, Christie Lewis, Justina Lewis, Grace Lewis, Patrica Lewis, Elle Lewis, Ellie Lewis, Amelia Lewis, Kim Lewis, Katy Libbreck, Julie Liebenhals, Donna Liggins, Valerie Light, Elaine Lill, Tracey Lincoln, Kirsty-Louise Linton, Deborah List, Pauline Little, Laura Little, Michelle Little, Beata Lizega, Laura Llewellyn, Linda Lloyd, Pat Lloyd, Eliza Loake, Rachel Lobban, Leonie Lockwood, Helen Lodwick, Kelly Loftus, Mileigh Loftus, Pauline Loftus, Emma Logue, Diane Lomas, Natalie Loney, Amy Long, Rachel Long, Jemma Long, Wendy Long, Teresa Lopez, Rosetta Lorusso, Angela Loso, Sarah Love, Sophie Love, Hannah Love, Avril Love, Rachel Loveday, Ayla Lovegrove, Kerry Lovell, Joanne Lovell, Kelly Lowe, Victoria Lowe, Saffron Lowry, Sarah Lunn, Leisha Lush, Lynne Luxmore, Helen Lynch, Melanie Lyng, Lucy Lyons, Lucy Lysenko.

We, as clergy of the Church of England, stand alongside Rowan Williams, Justin Welby, and the dioceses of the Church of England, in hoping that the General Synod will vote on Tuesday to allow women to become bishops in our church.

We believe wholeheartedly that this is the right thing to do, and that the time is now right to do it.

Pull on the balaclava, stand in the dock and live the realities of imprisonment in this immersive experience. A first ever festive special, BRICKLIVE Christmas offers the ultimate LEGO® experience for the entire family from 25 November 2017 - 7 January 2018.

A: Holly Abada, Melissa Abada, Ann Abbott, Kerry Abbott, Paula Abraham, Bethen Abraham, Louise Abrey, Yvonne Accott, Gill Ackling, Tia Acott, Kelly Adair, Patricia Adair, Theresa Adams, Wendy Adams, Kate Addison, Mary Aherne, Laura Aitkenhead, Lisa Akeroyd, Eleanor Akeroyd, Joanne Alani, Layla Alani, Maria Albiach-Montes, Susan Albinson, Gladys Alderson, Judith Alexander, Michelle Alexander, Lucy Alford, Tracy Allen, Kimberley Allen, Sue Allen, Jessica Allen, Theresa Allen-Gibbs, Emma Allison, Julia Allmark, Sophie Ambwene, Arnya Amer, Tania Amer, Maddie Amor, Alison Amyes, Bridget Anderson, Isobel Anderson, Liz Anderson, Angela Anderson, Debbie Anderson, Maise Anderson-Farquar, Margaret Andre, Stephanie Andrews, Sophie Rose Andrews, Susan Andrews, Tina Angelides, Rio Angelides, Joyce Angell, Louise Angell, Julie Anger, Alice Anger, Emilly Anger, Vicki Angood, Nicky Anning, Margaret Aqeel, Carol Archer, Nicky Archer, Rachel Archer, Claudia Argent, Milly Arkle, Stephanie Armour, Laura Arnold, Jacqueline Arnold, Jacky Arnold, Kath Ashley, Kelly Ashman, Holly Ashman, Linda Ashman, Leigh Ashton, Sofie Asquith, Lisa Atkins, Mandy Atkinson, Catherine Attewell, Emily Atyeo, Janette Audis, Cara Audis, Heidi Avenell, Maureen Avery, Tina Azzopardi, Lisa Azzopardi.

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