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This story opens with a newspaper headline about the Stavisky Affair of 1934, which locates the film historically and sociopolitically.

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Naturally it's leading to a sub-Chabrolian resolution as muted as the rest of the movie, and it takes two hours to get there.

This is an observational suspense movie with an emphasis on sensuality and the quivering possibilities of space.

These literalized the sense of displacement and alienation of returning soldiers, changed men who had to forget what they'd done and take on a strange new postwar identity.

That this theme has returned with a vengeance in recent times is revealing, but in Diabolically Yours it's more of a historical hiccup.

The sexual tension builds mostly by having the camera look at its beautiful players in close-up and looking at them look at each other.

Of course, Delon, Schneider and Birkin are the kind you really want to look at, and the movie serves up the casual voyeurism shamelessly.He worked steadily through the '50s and early '60s.Ironically, he died in car accident just after completing this film, from which he did not recover with amnesia; instead the audience seems to have the amnesia.We do recall seeing him sitting in a cafe at the height of his fame and we were stunned by his extravagant beauty.Alain Delon is a handsome French SOB, some say in life as well as on screen.While he tries to regain his memory, he keeps having odd dreams with psychedelic effects, and then there's that sinister pseudo-Asian butler hanging around.

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