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Better results can be achieved using an air-pen or an acid bath.Right: A conscientiously hand-prepared ichthyosaur skeleton from Lyme Regis (Dorset), displaying all available anatomical information and retaining the entire specimen.Note the echinoid spine retained for biological context.

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Right: A echinoid from Woodeaton quarry (Oxfordshire) partly obscured beneath a broken bivalve shell.

Like the examples above the bivalve adds environmental, depositional and ecological context to the echinoid and vice versa.

Right: A cupedid beetle (12mm) from Smokejacks Brickworks (Surrey).

The head remains obscured within the matrix until a means of revealing it without risking the specimen can be found.

The aesthetics are perhaps unsightly and common practice would be destructive modification to improve its appearance / commercial value.

Right: A display of chalk fossils in the Booth Museum in Brighton.It's good practice to resist the temptation to prepare/expose fossils in the field, better to undertake preparation at home.Left: Despite its beach-worn surface this nautiloid from Osmington Mills (Dorset) comprises a large portion of the original specimen and we would argue is best conserved as found.Manual preparation in the way requires significantly more hours of work, however the benefits are clear to see. Although the matrix (surrounding rock) has been carefully reduced to expose the specimen, a surface lacquer has then been applied in an attempt to enhance the aesthetics.Such practice obscures important surface details and generally results is a misleading appearance that lessens the specimen's appeal.Right: An articulated (a crustacean burrow lined with fish scales/bones) and decapitated during extraction.

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