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to peer through a kitchen window to better see how human’s communicate with each other.

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For his body contained a great atomic secret.” We’re thankful that atomic secret never went off.

Just as we’re thankful that these eight twisted moments didn’t make it into the finished film.

T., a government agent tailing the extra-terrestrial, defined by the huge fob attached to his belt. “He had to find a way to die alone,” the book states.

And those keys seem to somewhat confuse our diminutive hero, as the book explains… “But even then, the force might be so great that it would start to suck nearby forces into it. At this point my life is a combination of 1980s horror movies, Crystal Palace football matches, and episodes of I'm Alan Partridge.

This is manifested through women who would generally be considered 2s—or possibly 3s by men wearing smashed beer goggles—being worshipped as though they were perfect 10s by the snaggle-toothed, soft-paunched and hairless men in attendance.

This leads to some very demeaning behaviour on the part of these guys.

Rose openly laughs at Father Christmas and flirts with other men in front of him, only to drop him a few crumbs when she’s bored.

Remember: respect is a foundational element of female-male attraction.

These books – which were all the rage in the 1980s – told the tale of a movie, but due their frequently being written during principal photography, and oftentimes based on early drafts of the script, the resulting tome could differ wildly from the finished film. This was the food of the gods, of kings, of conquerers.

And while the plot is largely the same when it comes to E. So the following are our eight favourite moments from the novelization of We don’t spend a huge amount of time with Elliot’s mum – Mary – in the movie. Were he to survive his ordeal on Earth, he would bring a sample of this miraculous food to his Captain, for with it vast universes could be crossed, in supreme flight.” E. isn’t done there, the none-too-subtle advert – for what ended up being the wrong product – continuing in bombastic fashion.

T., some of the more minor details are VERY different. As played by Dee Wallace Stone, she’s lovely, a little eccentric, and clearly still reeling from her husband running off to Mexico with Sally. “Chocolate dribbled from the corners of the spaceman’s mouth; his fingers were coated with it too.

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