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Even the possibility that you or your partner may fall for the third (or vice versa) says Joannides.

“This way, if surprises happen, you and your partner will be better prepared to deal with them.”Can’t handle any of the above situations? But as long as you've built a solid foundation of trust and communication and respect the safety of everyone involved, threesomes can be a way to take your sexual repertoire to a whole new level.

(Or you and your partner could just want someone to watch you have sex.) Whatever your thing(s), no preference large or small should be left unvoiced.

Communication helps prevent everyone from getting hurt.

"And once you're in the moment, make sure you respect the boundaries that you set in place beforehand," Marin says.“In the event you’re really unsure about what you’d like to do,” adds Joannides, “it’s probably not the best time for a threesome.”It should go without saying that anyone involved in a threesome has the right to stop at any time, for whatever reason, says Marin.

(Same goes when just two people are involved—in case you needed a reminder.) To make it easier for everyone, the couple and third must have a safe word, she explains, as well as a plan for what to do if things get hella weird.

If you’re doing it only for your partner’s pleasure or even to spice up a stale romance, stop right there, he adds.

If issues are already present in your relationship, a threesome could make them worse.

To prevent yourself from flipping out when everyone’s clothes are off, Marin recommends visualizing the whole event (beforehand): “Imagine your partner making out with or touching another person.

Or what they might look like getting someone else off.” (Consider, also, that this unnamed other could be more attractive, or fitter, than you.)“Talk to your partner ahead of time about some of the things you hope will go right, and some of the things that could go wrong,” says Joannides.

That way, the three of you are more likely to have a good time.” (It helps if alcohol is not involved, he adds.)In some cases, this may mean intercourse is totally off-limits.

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