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This is seriously XXX rated stuff here and is not meant to be viewed by anyone under the legal age. Sorry we didn’t have time to proofread this sucker, but hopefully there are only a few errors in here that need to be marked off.

Thank you as well to the constant ideas of ATM defilment given to me by Cosmo Kramer as well as the razzing of Voodoo Joe and TRL for insisting I will never get to their favorite celebrities before they hit the age of mandatory retirement. Merry Christmas to one and all and Happy New Year to everyone. The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination Part One: “And So The Conversation Turned…” By KMB As the sun shone into her eyes through the door windows leading out to the back, Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t help but stir.

She’d apparently passed out on the rug and the sunlight that had woken her up was streaming in not from her bedroom window but from the doors that led out to the pool.

The woman was totally naked and her feet were on the floor as the rest of her body was slung over the chair, her ass sticking out. ” Jennifer Aniston asked with the same confused look on her face that Sarah knew was on hers. “I can’t remember a thing.” “I can’t either and…oh God, we’re naked,” Jennifer said as things started to dawn on her. Naked bodies were strewn everywhere in positions that suggested nothing but lascivious activity had occurred and that people had been in the middle of it when they had finally passed out. She couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow she was responsible for this. “I think I ruined Christmas.” And the same feeling struck Sarah as well.

Sarah would have recognized that ass and those legs anywhere and she immediately went over to help up her friend. “Tell me something I don’t know,” Sarah sighed while helping Jennifer up. Aside from the mansion’s Christmas tree, which still stood proudly strong and tall in the room, the place looked like a sex bomb had gone off and Jennifer and Sarah shared a sense of horror over it. There was a nagging feeling of guilt in her that somehow she had played a hand in the chaos that was now their home. And then another thought struck them both and, as they turned and faced each other, it both jumped out of their mouths.

While that passed quickly, the sense of dread inside her did not. And even scarier than what she thought she tasted on her lips was the fact that she couldn’t remember anything about the night before.

She smacked her lips when she noticed they were dry and appeared to be coated with a residue of some kind. It was coming back in little snippets but there was no coherent picture in her mind. Sarah was still groggy as she tried to walk and the more she tried to remember what had happened the harder it was to picture things.

And it appeared she wasn’t the only one getting up.

She heard a sound of someone moaning and she turned around to find someone hanging over the arms of a chair.

And of course, special thanks goes out to the person who always tells me I’m awesome even when I’m not and who never stops encouraging me even when I don’t deserve it. She didn’t want to, but the sun was insistent and as much as she tried to swat it away with her hands like it was an annoying insect, she couldn’t do it.

The sun won and Sarah soon found herself waking up.

There may also be a big question looming and that’s,”What the heck is going on with the Harem girls go to Las Vegas story? And hopefully you will all see that very, very soon.

” Well that story is still very much in production and will return soon. Because as you can see from this chapter there are a lot of pieces put into play on the big chess board of life and there’s quite a bit that’s left to happen.

She walked slowly given her headache and when she got further into the house she was shocked by what she saw. She saw Stacy sleeping on top of the dining room table, naked to the world with her bare ass sticking up.

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