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Also bear in mind that if you want to start a Google hangout, this is the plug-in you'll need.

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And, since no account is needed to make a call, there are zero barriers for customers to reach you. And, in the rare case a browser is not supported, Gruveo will suggest an easy workaround. Collaborate on a document, run a Power Point presentation or demo software with the screen sharing feature. It has never been easier to drive your point across. With Gruveo's custom branding feature, you can put your logo and a custom background on your call screen with ease.

Or, log in to Gruveo on your desktop or laptop and receive an alert anytime a call comes in.

That means there’s no need to interrupt discussions or schedule another meeting in order to share visuals.

Perhaps the best part is that deployment is as simple as setting up any other IP/SIP phone.

Google Voice and Video Chat has an astounding quality both in image and sound.

Video streaming runs very smoothly and sound is just crisp and clear.

The device’s in-room presentation capability allows for easy sharing of documents through a variety of methods, including cloud-based services.

Or, you can collaborate with remote parties by connecting to a Web-based collaboration session using the built-in Web browser.

Besides there are no complicated configuration settings required, so you'll probably be able to have it set up and running in two minutes.

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