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The government continued to provide training to border guard and police officers on trafficking; however, judges lacked adequate training opportunities.

A large proportion of convicted traffickers continued to receive suspended prison sentences.

The government continued to include a module on human trafficking in the basic training for all police officers and invited civil society to assist in training.

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Regional prosecutorial offices continued to designate specially trained prosecutors to assist local prosecutors with trafficking cases and assume lead responsibility for particularly complicated cases.

Protection The Government of Poland improved its anti-trafficking victim protection efforts during the reporting period through increased funding and legal changes, although authorities did not systematically provide specialized care for child trafficking victims.

The government acknowledged that no central mechanism exists to cross-reference and consolidate these statistics.) Sentences ranged from suspended sentences to less than one year to eight years’ imprisonment.

Similar to the previous three years, approximately half of the convicted offenders received suspended sentences.

In January 2014, the police established a department in its national headquarters that will have eight officers focused exclusively on human trafficking investigations.

In addition, the police continued to designate 40 officers in provincial headquarters to handle trafficking offenses.

Government officials acknowledged that police were less adept at identifying forced labor victims as compared to sex trafficking victims.

In December 2013, an amendment to the Law on Aliens expanded the border guard’s authority to investigate potential trafficking cases that did not involve another border-related offense, such as possession of false documents.

The police and border guard identified 218 possible victims of trafficking in 2013, compared to 90 possible victims identified in 2012.

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