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The new bottle is a reinterpretation of its antecedent, coloured in black, with a silver logo. When you dig your nose, it smells like floral anus which is most likely due to a high concentration of lavender note. I can see that ysl blood pumping in this one (No Cardamom again:( yeah I know) my sister went nut's for this one when I first let her try it, she asked me for a 5ml atomizer and she is very happy waring it yes her not her husband over all I like it not love but close 7.8-of-10 better if there was an edp cheap great reactions just get one I must say, even with all the hype this one gets, I am not a fan.However when you get whiffs of it, it is quite pleasant. S WOW after this gets to the dry down stage, it is very pleasant. I blind bought this based on the fact it gets a lot of love in the fragrance community. I was expecting something that screams I am man and got something that screams, "I just ran through a field of flowers and then powdered myself". In all honestly I will most likely be getting rid of my bottle. It's a good scent and I get why people like it, but it's not for me.

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Congratulations to the House of Ferragamo for this scintillating jewel. Both the longevity and the projection are well above average.

F Black is a super fragrance on its own and should never be compared with other fragrances as their partial clone. As a dad myself I see why people compare it with wet babywipes.

opening is similar to YSL La nuit de .l'homme But later on it smells very different ... best suited fo casual/ formal evening/night outs ...

I definitely do not get the performance that some are stating on here. Great for anyone that like more "light" floral scents, but not my thing. The Lavender is dominant and this is a strong nighttime/cold weather scent.

It's pretty clean, decent scent, not synthetic, It could stand to have more depth though with more added notes. If you're truly trying to get a girl into bed, this will not be that fragrance, this won't be in your top 20 of getting a woman into bed fragrances.

It's Not as good as Kenneth Cole Black, Tom Ford Noir extreme, Polo Black, YSL La Nuit, CK Dark Obsession, Mandarina Duck Black, Mandarina Duck Black Extreme, Zirh Ikon, Creed Aventus or Ted Lapidus Black Soul, but it's respectable.

Scent:5.5 Longevity:5 Sillage:5 Unique/Industry First:4 Lavender never amazed anyone Quality:6 Overall:5.5 All of the different scents above bring so much more to the table than this........ I acquired a tester for very cheap, and Salvatore Ferragamo isn't really a designer with masterpiece after masterpiece.

Upon first spray I get hit with lavender, lavender and more lavender.

With regards to the notes, I don't get any lavender.

I get a spicy and warm feeling and some sweetness which I think is the tonka bean.

Though this fragrance is surely more complex than that. The opening is very nice BUT only lasts about 5 minutes on me.

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