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Details of my particular server faults are near the end.

Actually, I don't know if KB3011780 broke it for sure or not, but it was one of the updates that came in the November Patch Tuesday block.

What fixed it: I did the manual install procedure below, though other files had to be copied as well and renamed in the process.

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Make a directory to save them: mkdir c:\junk Then copy the files to that junk directory: copy *.* c:\junk If you've already installed this update prior to searching and finding this article, you can hit the CANCEL button in the Windows Update Agent Installer window and completely skip the next paragraph.

If you haven't installed the update yet, hit Next and let the update proceed forward.

Different symptom for some of the same types of problems!

I was making a virtual machine of a fresh from the CD installation of Server 2003 R2 and upon the first update attempt came up with a 0x80190194 error code in IE6 which complained of a Windows update error.

When all the files are expanded, you'll see the next screen about installing the update agent: DO NOT PRESS NEXT OR CANCEL YET! If you cancel or hit next, your temporary files will be deleted before you can copy them to someplace else.

Now go to your DOS prompt by hitting Start- You'll now be at a DOS prompt inside the directory with all those nice files expanded.

The short version is the install for Windows Update for some reason isn't installing all the files it needs to run.

It is leaving a couple of older files as dust bunnies, and the whole update process is failing due to the new code trying to talk to an older . The fix, until Microsoft fixes it for real, is to manually copy the files.

After much hoop jumping and Microsoft Fix-It downloads that didn't fix it, I turned and did the same procedure below (though I did have to do more than just 2 files) and that server is now happily updating.

So if you have a server with a similar problem, follow along and get Windows update updating again!

Then it ran fine, did its updates, and then proceeded to go into a loop bouncing between two screens in IE and not run again.

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