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On the other hand, Wget doesn't require special server-side software for this task.

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Wget can optionally work like a web crawler by extracting resources linked from HTML pages and downloading them in sequence, repeating the process recursively until all the pages have been downloaded or a maximum recursion depth specified by the user has been reached.

The downloaded pages are saved in a directory structure resembling that on the remote server.

When downloading recursively over either HTTP or FTP, Wget can be instructed to inspect the timestamps of local and remote files, and download only the remote files newer than the corresponding local ones.

This allows easy mirroring of HTTP and FTP sites, but is considered inefficient and more error-prone when compared to programs designed for mirroring from the ground up, such as rsync.

When there is a failure, retry for up to 22 times with 48 seconds between each retry.

Send no tracking user agent or HTTP referer to a restrictive site and ignore robot exclusions.In 2010 US Army intelligence analyst PFC Chelsea Manning used Wget to download the 250,000 U. diplomatic cables and 500,000 Army reports that came to be known as the Iraq War logs and Afghan War logs sent to Wikileaks.Wget has been designed for robustness over slow or unstable network connections.Use a random wait of up to 5 seconds between each file download and log the access results to "my Log.log".When there is a failure, retry for up to 7 times with 14 seconds between each retry.Written in a highly portable style of C with minimal dependencies on third-party libraries, Wget requires little more than a C compiler and a BSD-like interface to TCP/IP networking.

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