Updating to windows mobile 5

Before, I'd have to hold my Lumia 950 up to my face for it to unlock with my eyes, but with the Creators Update I can have it lowered in my hand, and just glancing at the lock screen logs me in.

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Updating to windows mobile 5

Regardless, it is the latest and greatest version of Windows 10 Mobile.

The Creators Update for Mobile is the second feature update for the platform.

Microsoft has also improved HTTP images on Live Tiles, and in the Action Center it added the options for "Call Back", "Text" or "Remind Me" if you miss a call.

The Action Center improvements are nice, because they mean I don't have to go into the phone app every time I miss a call to sort it out.

Not much has changed on the surface when it comes to the Creators Update for Mobile.

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to make the OS run much smoother, and with fewer bugs to run into the whole experience is actually pretty enjoyable.

If you hit the lock button again in quick succession, it'll lock the Continuum experience, too.

You can also set a timeout period for the Continuum screen, a nice addition.

The Cortana UI itself now features a completely black background rather than a dark gray one, which should very slightly improve battery life on OLED displays.

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