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Actually I don’t know if I’ll really remember figures of dozens of machines, but hey: it’s just additional fun. Hope you don’t start generating ssh host keys for getting a special figure, do you?You might already have read about it on Planet Ubuntu.

Now try your different ssh hosts and compare the figures.

Yes, I am able to access it using smbclient from the command line.

In case you don’t have this file, make a new one with the following content (and find out that this file makes ssh really poweful in combination with command line completion, but that is another topic): Please note: This might break applications that rely on the ssh console client as they don’t expect graphical art popping up.

In case you want to make this behavior default, add „Visual Host Key yes“ to your „~/.ssh/config“.

I unfortunately only have one Windows machine in the house so I can't tell whether it's this one machine or whether it's all Windows shares that it can't connect to. meaning that some shares will mount, while others will not).

First it gives an error "Unable to mount location", while still showing in the nautilus mounts list, with an "empty" directory list.

gvfs-mount says that "volume doesn't implement mount".

smbtree sees the Windows server, but times out waiting for details.

Thank you, Open SSH guys, I really appreciate your work.

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