leighton meester dating october 2016 - Updating ssl certificate problems

If you went through the process of setting up HTTPS on your server as described in the ‘Setting up HTTPS & SSL on your server’ section, then you should have come into contact with an Nginx configuration specifically made for usage with HTTPS/SSL.

This tutorial explains what steps to take to get a certificate running on your server.

Having to check the validity of an SSL certificate can result in a small hit in loading speed.

In 2014, we decided to switch over to the (now) commonly-used HTTPS to encrypt sensitive data that’s being sent across our website.

This post describes some useful tips based on our own experiences that might come in handy if you’re considering switching.

This incident was a wake-up call that properly encrypting user information over the internet is a necessity and shouldn’t be an optional thing.

To emphasize the importance of encrypting sensitive data, Google Chrome (since January, 2017) displays a clear warning next to the address bar whenever you visit a website that doesn’t encrypt – potential – sensitive data, such as forms.This means that once a browser connects to the server, it checks the validity of the certificate based on the copy on the server instead of having to query the certificate vendor itself, resulting in a significant performance improvement.Before enabling OCSP stapling on your Apache server, please check that you’re running version 2.3.3 of Apache by running the command ) on your server.It also gave them the ability to hijack and/or read the data.Luckily, this bug got patched quickly after its discovery.Lower versions of Apache do not support this feature.

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