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Starting a radio station is exciting, and SAM Broadcaster lets you do it your way.

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-v2017.9 (2 October 2017) * Ability to label encoders to easily identify them.

(Right-click on encoder and select "Change Label") -v2017.8 (14 September 2017) * PAL Studio object can now control studio muted state, Virtual DJ mode and Auto-recovery settings (Refer to PAL scripting reference).

For optimal streaming quality, Spacial Net is the recommended stream hosting solution for SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial Net gives you complete control over your stream all day, every day.

Registration is quick and your streaming server is available immediately.

Sign up now There are a number of ways to get help if youre experiencing issues with SAM Broadcaster.* Reverted URLEncode to use " " instead of plus (" ") for encoding spaces. -v2017.5 () * Updated Help links to new Help Center location. * Improved UTF-8 support for Cheapest Stream and SAMBC Cloud encoders.* Fixed some images not loading for Amazon Album Cover search. -v2017.4 () * Removed Dual Channel as option from Cheapest Stream and Spacial Net encoders due to HTML5 playback incompatibility. -v2017.3 (7 March 2017) * New Jingles & Drops window. -v2017.2 (21 February 2017) * Fixed bug where Skip Track button was enabled when DJ did not have the permission, causing DJ to be logged out when clicked.* Added "Keep me signed in" option to SAM Broadcaster Cloud sign in screen.* Fixed playlist import into SAM Broadcaster Cloud while logged in as owner.We also suggest signing up for the Forum, where experienced users can answer most technical questions almost instantly.

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