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N-Gage is a very gr8 phone i never had in my life but i m facing a prob frm some time Hi everybody!! n send ur comments on my mail id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanx in advance plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is a gr8 fone.

When I start my phone an error message appears:''The device failed to start, Contact the retailer''. im using it scince 2years & it never gave me ne problems.

.....waiting for ur response the best phone i can recommend for guys,you don't need to wait for anyoone to call you,go on listening to radio,mp3,play games or anything,and a phone with a lot of streetcred,streets ahead of the rest Hi all..fone is d best we can have wid no camera...i dont want camera as its not allowed in my office n i cant thinnk of anyother model then this..ppl who say this fone sucks r sick n pathetic..dont know what r nice things...

Slay, I am working on how to get theams on this phone..i crack it..i do will surely let u know... hello gayes and thankyou to viwe this phone becaus this phone is my best phone of the all phone in this phone i have no words to say but i request the nokia companey that plase put in nokia n-Gage infra red thankyou very much I'm just wandering..there any software that can make my nokia N-gage having theme, just like the other series 60 Nokia phone (6600, 3230, 7610 and etc.)Pls help me.. hi my n-gage classic is giving system error for anything that i open even on startup althogh most of the programs

"messaging:system error"anyone tell me how i solve this problem.

Pleez i need help.thanx in advance This is a great phone.

Nokia is also encouraging developers to draw on features such as Arena connectivity, to enhance and create gaming experiences that are completely unique to the N-Gage platform.

Render Ware has also recently been made available for N-Gage developers, to simplify the creation process.

Nokia's Senior Vice President of Games, Ilkka Raiskinen began his presentation by stressing that the future of gaming will have cross-industry elements, and will include a blend of technologies from both communications (voice and online) and entertainment.

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