Updating media information from command line

Added events "After program start" , "Before program exit", "Before server start", "After server start", "Before server stop", "After server stop", "Server idle (30 minutes)" (Settings-Additional-Events).In the registration of file types added a possibility enumeration MIME-types and DLNA-information separated by a comma, the examples in the device configuration "DLNA Device (Version 1.5, 16:9, 720x406)" and "DLNA Device (Version 1.0, 16:9, 720x406)".

updating media information from command line-79

Updated the transcoding profiles "Music - FLAC", "Music - APE", "Music - WAVPACK", "Music - DVD-Audio", changes for support maximum LPCM-transcoding parameters (if the transcoding profiles changed, it is recommended to restore the profiles from the distribution kit).

Added support for transcoding music with visualization modules.

i got it atleast on the DDMS view on still i didnt get it on the device.

when i am trying "adb push" command it shows device not found for real device. This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about programming.

Supported types of visualization modules: Windows Media Player, Winamp, Bass Box, Sonique.

Working capacity the modules may depend on computer graphics system.

In the status bar of the main form of the program added mode "Automatic scanning of removable media" (default is now off).

Manual scan can be performed on right click of the mouse on the folder "Removable media".

Ability to change the XML-description of the server to be transferred to device can be used for cosmetic changes, which required for operation of the devices (Settings-Device-"Thumbnails, identifiers" - Identifiers media resources, the menu on right click "mouse" - Editing description server).

Added ability to configure the structure of media resources for client devices (Settings-Device-"Thumbnails, identifiers - Identifiers media resources). Structure can be imported from another media server by right click "Import structure from media server".

Changes in transcoding profiles to use Wms Transcoding Format Params (if the transcoding profiles changed, it is recommended to restore the profiles from the distribution kit for support new formats of transcoded files).

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