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Second, when going through the initial setup, when it asks if you want to transfer your account from another mac, it would freeze and then restart the welcome sequence. I installed Vista on the other partition while I looked for answers. My first guess was that the partition wasn’t set to “active”.

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Dual-core processor was chosen because I wanted to try a “vanilla kernel”.

The video card was chosen because I’ve used a 6600GT (different brand though) with 10.4.6 in the past which had worked, and I happen to actually like that card and had an extra around.

A little background here – there were Natit vs NVinject options.

I read in a thread that NVinject was newer which is why I used it.

It wasn’t (which answered that question), and I didn’t touch it again.

Until now that is…The first machine that’s seen the install today consists of an ASUS p5PE-VM motherboard, Intel Pentium E2140 Dual-Core processor, 2x1gb generic DDR400 ram, XFX Ge Force 6600GT 128MB AGP Video Card, Seagate 7200.9 300mb IDE hard drive, and an el-cheapo LG dvd-burner.

I decided to set up 2 partitions under MBR this time. Installer completed successfully, and the computer restarted. First, the partition would only start up when the DVD was in the drive.

First was a 200GB HFS Extended for OS X, and the 2nd was an 80GB FAT for a Windows install). Take the DVD out, and you’d get a black screen with the blinking cursor.

In this case, you need to repair the installation and setup boot property for it.

The first part of the instructions are essentially what I’d done to try and set the partition active.

Few bug fixes for laptop rigs, skylake/nvidia graphics improvements, improvements related to .3 system.

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