Updating images in a wpf application

Step 4: checking for Online and offline update: If we're creating a deployment for a web server or network share, we'll get one additional option, as shown in Figure below; The default choice is to create an online/offline application that runs whether or not the user can connect to the published location.In this case, a shortcut for the application is added to the Start menu.Approach #2: Publishing for a Web Server: We can create an installation for a web server on a local intranet or the Internet.

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A UNC path is a network path in the form \\Computer Name\Share Name.

We can't use a networked drive, because networked drives depend on system settings (so different users might have their drives mapped differently).

If we choose to create an online-only application, the user needs to return to the published location to run the application.

(To help make this clear, the web page will show a button labeled Run instead of Install.) This ensures that an old version of the application can't be used after we roll out an update.

, which means it will use the repeat count from the GIF metadata (using the Netscape Application Block).

If no repeat count is specified in the image metadata, the animation will run only once.

This assumes that we plan to publish the application to that location.

Alternatively, we can omit this information and bypass the automatic update feature altogether.

Is Click Once the right choice of deploying WPF application? NET application from one computer to another just by copying the folder that contains it, but any professional applications often require a few more frills.

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