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This will limit you to whatever OS version number is the latest one for that carrier, so if at that point you decide to move up a version to one that isn’t yet available everywhere, refer back to this guide.

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With the 10.2 SDK said to be coming in June, you can expect the update to follow later in the year.

Weren't sure what to do with Black Berry Channels, yet?

This process will ensure that your OS has little to no issues, your internal memory will be clear of leftover installation files, and all apps function correctly including Android apks (barring known issues with the apps themselves).

Sound off in the comments if this made a difference for you too! I assume no liability for any issues you may experience as a result of this instructional.

Export the contact backup file to the micro SD card as well. When that is done, restart manually a third time for good measure.

After the device is at the home screen on the third restart, disconnect from the PC and perform a security wipe in the Settings/Security menu on the device. Insert the micro SIM and micro SD card, then power the device on.The only condition is that you have to make sure that the device type and variant are identical to yours exactly. From software to hardware, you can be sure to get the latest info on your device right here! Universal Search You can start searching your complete device for almost anything ... Each Friday, we'll post helpful tips about your Black Berry device. From software to hardware, you can be sure to get the latest info on your device right here! If you follow ALL steps to a “T” and in order, however, the end result should be a successful one.) Clean OS Manual Update Instructions : Note: Research your OS version number and identify certain apps that may need to be upgraded if using this method to move to a newer OS version number.When the OS version numbers are closer together (i.e.If you had added Clewley's (PIN C00014277) you'd have got the reveal straight from the man himself.

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