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: It's easy to make a guestbook, thanks to websites that provide free guestbook services.And I'll point those out to you, so if your skills are at a basic level, relax. More advanced users who want a guestbook that operates entirely on their own website can read on to learn more.

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I recently enhanced this guestbook to support deleting entries conveniently.

That made the code a bit long to show on this page, so just use the download link provided in step one.

Are you willing to use a guestbook service hosted on another website?

If you are, then setting up your guestbook is very simple.

Please take this seriously— do not allow your website to be wiped out by a malicious web "worm" that takes advantage of security holes in older versions of guestbook software.

Legal Note: yes, you may use sample HTML, Javascript, PHP and other code presented above in your own projects.

The default setting will probably work for everyone, but placing the file in the current directory means that users can probably download the raw guestbook file. This is a file path, NOT a URL; for example, is often correct. That article goes into plenty of detail about how to handle form submissions with PHP code.

There's one important catch with PHP scripts you download from other websites without understanding the code yourself: you need to keep an eye on the program's website and install any upgrades that are released to fix security flaws.

And there are many guestbook scripts available on the Web.

Quite a few of these are free, at least for noncommercial use.

You will get the complete code when you click on the link. You'll use this password when you log in to delete unwanted entries.

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