Updating a motherboard

If you’re a gamer or video editor, a new CPU/motherboard combination and a higher-performance GPU will make your PC feel like an entirely different machine.

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More specifically, the motherboard CPU socket needs to match that of the CPU’s socket.

For example, if the motherboard supports LGA 1150, your CPU must support that as well.

(Depending on when you last upgraded, that is.) increases the transfer speed of data from one piece of hardware to another.

For example, SATA III has a maximum rated speed of 6 Gbps and USB 3.0 tops out at 5 Gbps.

Both are plenty fast enough for simple file and data transfers, but the highest-end SSDs top out around 2 Gbps in terms of transfer speed. There are other considerations at play, such as SATA III being faster than USB 3.0 due to drive options like native queueing, and USB 3.0’s disadvantage of being a shared bus, but the reality of the matter is that both are fast enough for what you’ll need them to do, neither will hit their max speeds, and you’ll probably have to upgrade your motherboard on an older system in order to use them.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in upgrade land, however.On another note, if you’re upgrading for the sake of gaming, save your money and upgrade your graphics card instead.Most modern games lean more heavily on your GPUMaking the upgrade to newer iterations of RAM requires a motherboard that will support those new RAM modules.Like most things, a strong foundation is key to the efficiency of any system and updating your motherboard’s basic input/output system (BIOS) can do everything from adding new features and functions, support for new CPUs, squashing bugs, refreshing a corrupted UEFI environment, and much more.The simplest way to update a BIOS is via USB, and today in the Ge Force Garage we'll show you how. To update your BIOS, first check your currently installed BIOS version.If speed is the sole reason for the upgrade, rethink where you’re spending your money.

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