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Scammers don’t lack ingenuity and never give up on their victim.

Some scammers unmasked by their correspondent try to turn the situation into their advantage by claiming to be "shocked" to be treated as a crook, they say they are honest, brace yourself, they say that they will pay for their trip by selling their kidney !! To give more credit to this amazing announcement the scammer will tell you that she went to a hospital specializing in the removal of organs and she was told that she must first pass a medical examination and that after 2 or 3 weeks she would meet a psychiatrist etc ...

Many Russian women have an internet connection at home and ask their Western correspondents to pay for bogus email charges invent some correspondence obtained through dating agencies that do not exist.

It is also possible that in response to your refusal to pay, your love will just threaten to send the Russian mafia to assassinate you and take everything you have; This of course is often considered as a bad joke by most of the western men, but it may be enough to give cold sweats to a few gentlemen who decide to pay because they are really afraid of this kind of threat.

Remember that a Russian woman usually does not believe in the reality of her contact with Western men because for her it's just "too good to be true", while for correspondence with you she has already started a sentimental relationship.

This is the reason why honest and sincere Russian women seem so reserved and do not express their feelings openly: they are simply afraid of being terribly disappointed.

On the other hand if you write a letter of accusation directly to your correspondent but her letter is true and honest then you will just ruin your relationship with her.

If you have any doubts about your beloved and if she refuses to accept your proposal via a third-party agency then you can legitimately think that she is dishonest.2) Indirect Style If you are afraid of upsetting your correspondent you can be more "diplomatic" and act in two stages: - You are serious in your intentions to find the woman of your life in Russia. - You are not a dreamer, you are ready to face the problems about a trip in Eastern Europe to meet her.- You are realistic and pragmatic: she will feel confident with you because she knows she can count on you in case of problems. The best way to avoid scams is to make your correspondent understand that you will never send her money, right from the second or third letter.If your correspondent is a scammer then she will disappear as soon as she understands that she cannot get anything from you.- You spend a lot of time collecting information on the subject of dating Russian women through the Internet.

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