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Only matchmakers who are married and willing to devote at least six hours per week to the project are eligible to volunteer.

SYAS now boasts more than 30,000 users, and nearly 1,000 matches resulting in marriage have been made since the site’s inception a decade ago. I look, think who is out there, who might be good,” Weinberg tells .

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When she lived in New York in her early 20s, she got to know a philanthropic woman named Else Bendheim, who would host single men and women—30 of each gender at a time—at Shabbat dinners.

Bendheim told Weinberg that she would sponsor more singles events if Weinberg would host them.

At the helm of the operation is Weinberg, who works from what she calls “command central”—a small desk area in her kitchen. As a shadchan (matchmaker), Weinberg deals with all kinds of clients with special needs, from Asperger’s syndrome-spectrum individuals, to widows and widowers, to divorcees.

She believes her toughest customer is a 30-year-old “Bais Yakov girl” (referring to the Brooklyn-based Orthodox school for girls) who is looking for a “Tom Cruise lookalike who says (Psalms).” Weinberg has also had male clients tell her that they are gay but haven’t come out yet to their parents.

The first of Weinberg’s parties was an unbelievable success: she connected Debbie Atlas with Mark Goldenberg, and the next day they both called her to tell her they liked each other and that it might turn into marriage.

That was Weinberg’s first unusual success story, after which point she continued to make seemingly un-makeable matches.The site’s approach is unique in that it fuses the old-school shidduch (matchmaking) strategies with new-school Internet dating.Unlike most dating sites, in which users independently browse profiles, SYAS relies on a team of volunteer matchmakers who scour databases of users and suggest matches to the users they represent.She recalls having one wealthy client who did not want to marry someone who needed him financially.She thought the wealthy man and one of her other clients had a future together, so she lied to the man that her other client was an heiress.PITTSBURGH—Tova Weinberg will do anything to make a match—even adopt a dog.

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