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The problem is that while their mutual physical attraction is believable, the underlying romance isn't.And while Corrigan completes the triangle nicely, he's so disinterested in everything and everyone that it's difficult to imagine him ever developing a proper friendship.

Continue: Unexpected Trailer Of all the possible reasons why an actor might receive a "no" when auditioning for a part in the cut-throat world of movies, being "too handsome" must rank among the best of them.

But that's exactly the fate that almost befell Guy Pearce before he won the part of Adam Whitely/Felicia Jollygoodfellow in Director Stephan Elliott recently told The Herald Sun that he had reservations about Pearce starring in the 1994 comedy-drama, which follows the adventures of three drag queens, because the young Guy was just so darn good looking: Continue reading: Guy Pearce Was Almost Too Hot To Get Hired There's a loose charm to this comedy that disarms the audience, raising smiles instead of laughter as three nutty characters swirl around each other.

And I love the fact that today, especially in this digital age, he's someone who doesn't have a phone, he's off-grid.

He walks into a place and he's enormously capable but just very human."Continue reading: Tom Cruise's Love For Jack Reacher After quitting the United States Army Military Police, Jack Reacher has become an independent crime investigator who looks into hard to solve cases.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is the second film in the Jack Reacher series (the first released in 2012), based on the books by Lee Childs. Samantha Abbott is a high school teacher who loves her job more than anything.

However, her career becomes compromised when she accidentally falls pregnant.

It's fun creating the kinds of stories that he has as he goes to different places."Cruise also liked the way the novels keep the action grounded in reality.

Jack is the cool loner - it's very Western, very American.

It's set in a gym in Austin, Texas, where the dim owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) has a dream to create the ultimate holistic fitness centre, a goal constantly belittled by his sharp-tongued employee Kat (Coby Smulders), a fitness-obsessed personal trainer with whom he once had a brief fling.

Their newest client is the recently wealthy Danny (Kevin Corrigan), who is just looking for ways to spend money and kill time.

He also meets Kat, (Cobie Smulders), and finds himself immediately attracted to her.

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