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She says the things to consider first in dating pictures are clothes, hair and accessories such as jewellery and scarves.‘These basic elements give huge clues as to which tribe you belong to: hipster, retro rocker, fashionista, City boy.’ Background is also important.

A person’s fashion sense, or the places they hang out, or how they decorate their flat, can help us assess whether we might ‘fit’ with them.

London-based photographer Saskia Nelson runs a business called Saturday Night’s Alright, producing images for online daters.

They boast high success rates: maintains that more than a million babies have been born to couples who met on its site, while e Harmony claims responsibility for nearly five per cent of marriages in the States.

Yet the evidence suggests online matchmaking is still a hit-and-miss affair.

Despite the huge numbers of people in Britain using dating sites — some six million log on every month — only eight per cent of those in a relationship met their partner online, according to a You Gov survey carried out in December last year.

When you look into the science of attraction and relationships, it’s not hard to see why meeting someone compatible via a dating website’s algorithm should be such a challenge.

Researchers have found that it takes 100 milliseconds to make this kind of judgement, which suggests it is entirely intuitive.

But some of the most telling information comes from the peripheral clues in pictures.

There is plenty of evidence that pictures can tell us very effectively what someone is like, and what they share in common with us.

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