Theming recognizing validating sequencing

Of particular interest was their work on de novo mutations in families.

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var name App = angular.module('starter', ['ionic', 'ng Messages']); name App.config(function($state Provider, $url Router Provider) ); name App.controller('Auth Ctrl', function($scope, $state) ); name App.controller('Home Ctrl', function($scope) ); Application will have two input fields and one submit button.

I heard a great talk by Karl Stefansson at one of the early-morning exhibitor events.

He said that De CODE has genotyped 425k individuals, performed WGS on 50k, and RNA-seq on 10k.

Angular 1.3.0 came and gave us a ng Messages module.

This module provides enhanced support for displaying messages within templates (typically within forms or when rendering message objects that return key/value data).

Simple out of the box solution didn’t exist before Angular JS 1.3.0.

Before that time, you could have used countless custom angular directives, but each solution had its set of rules and problems.

The conference was well-covered on the #ASHG17 hashtag as usual, but I also compiled detailed notes that I’ll share here.

The obvious theme of this meeting, from my point of view, was the rise of clinical genome sequencing in patients with inherited disease.

I encounter the term motif in composition books, and still have no idea what a motif is.

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