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Ask yourself, would a girl who's genuinely and seriously interested in you just decline your offer with trying to make it up?

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You only need to look at the 60% Divorce rate and the fact that women initiate 70% of those divorces to realize this.

Society (both men and women) have been brainwashed or "Disney-fied" into believing in a fairy tale, into thinking about how relationships and people "should" behave when courting, but then wonder why they don't respond favorably.

Listen guys, there is a reason you stumbled upon this book, more than likely that reason is that you are fed up and realize the things you are doing simply aren't working, but that's ok because as Doc Love states in the book, "A devastating experience (rejection) makes for the best student because no one visits the doctor when he is well" there is a lot of truth in that statement.

Despite what anybody will tell you, relationships and especially LTR's are difficult and you need a massive amount of game and discipline in order for things to work out.

But to the contrary, he dedicates quite a few pages to how you should always be courteous and how you should always be calm and collected.

That you should compromise and say sorry when you know you've done something wrong.In other words things that pertain to relationships which a man must have if he is to remain a challenge and thus earn a woman's patience and tolerance. This is a life changer, but you need more than just the book. Most women (feministas) will despise this material, but real honest women will admit that he is correct when they really think about what he's saying.One female reviewer mentioned this would never work with her but then mentioned that 50% of the advice in the book makes me it would work on her that's why she felt obligated to write a review. You need the interview CD and you need to read the many free artices he has written. Women, toss all those other relationship books in the trash where they belong.Something you should know is that if you want a preview of what this book is about, you should read Doc Love's articles on Ask If you're a challenge, you will keep her guessing and thinking about you and you're next move (pretty cute huh? You'll also scare off the mercenaries and professional daters who'll use you for a free-dinner and have some hidden agenda. It's waiting 5-9 days to call her after getting her number. Everything centers around challenge and interest level.Doc Love trains you to always try to assess a woman's interest level and to be prepared to let her go when it's clear she's gives hints or drops red flags that show she's not interested. If she makes definite counter-offers after cancelling dates - it means she's helping you - that's a good sign.

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