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Someone has to argue the other side, so it might as well be me. The number one reason why people want to retire early is because people haven’t found a job that gives them enough fulfillment to do for the rest of their lives. If there was a job paying ,000 a year to hike in the mornings and get massages in the afternoon, I’d do that forever! If you are a sub-optimal performer, you tend to experience a sub-optimal lifestyle. Let’s say you are a research scientist who after 10 years never produces any relevant research and finds no cures.

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Unless you’re out there saving the world, you might start getting depressed you are contributing very little to society.

Others will stop respecting you because you aren’t doing anything productive either.

If you never wanted to start a family, chances are you haven’t been saving for a family.

Let’s say you’re a woman who turns 35 and suddenly realizes the safety window for having a baby is closing rapidly.

It may be tough to even get pregnant, let alone support a new born without the right support network.

5) You lose your own self-respect, and the respect of others.

But if you’re in charge of people at work, it’s crucial to take a look at what kind of boss you are.

If you look carefully around the web, you’ll read scores of articles about the desire to retire early.

Well, the economy has roared back with a vengeance and if you aren’t working, you are falling farther and farther behind. With the median lifespan hovering around 80 years old, you only have 15 years of retirement to enjoy your life if you retire at 65.

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